In many ways, I have always been a writer. I began journaling as a child and over time it became central to my experiences, helping me to process life. I even taught writing as part of my former position at a local college. But I never had ambitions of being an author; I strangely and even painfully fell into that role.

Eyes that See: Judson’s Story of Hope in Suffering (foreword by Emilie Barnes) developed organically out my journals and letters during Judson‘s suffering. It is unquestionably my life’s work. Although I hope to author more books in the future, none of my work will ever be as dear to me as the book that naturally flowed out of my love for my son.

I continue to journal publicly, believing there is power in being open and honest about the challenges of life in a broken, painful world, while expressing the hope and joy.

Much of my current writing about faith, hope, grief and loss can be found on the Judson’s Legacy blog, Heartache & Hope.

Eyes that See is available where books are sold.  But 100% of the proceeds from books purchased at Judson’s Legacy benefit the cause.

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