All Wrapped Up in One

June 25, 2012

General Life

As Drake and I were walking home from dropping Jessie off for her last day of kindergarten, he reflected, “I guess our first and last kindergartner are all wrapped up in one little girl now.”

Tears sprung from my eyes. His statement seemed to contextualize the array of emotions flooding my soul on this notable occasion.

We have a precious young lady who causes our hearts to swell with pride simply by her presence in our lives. But that swelling stretches the boundaries of hearts; as we delight in her development we are simultaneously torn over our inability to preserve the present. Today so rapidly becomes yesterday.

Meanwhile, these moments put a spotlight on our loss as we become more acutely aware of the common but beautiful life experiences that will never be realized with Jud. Such instances in life, the ones that define childhood and shape parents, are now all bound up for us in one sweet child.

So we celebrate our first and last kindergartener while Judson is enfolded into each memory with longing, love and hope.


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4 Comments on “All Wrapped Up in One”

  1. Anne Myerscough Says:

    Nice reflection of the year and the future that comes. Every child is raised in a different way for they are in a different character. You have much to look forward to and memories that will remain from the each and every individual that they are……..

  2. Michal Ann Says:

    Your sweet girl has such a precious expression. You’re wonderful parents, living the life you’ve been given with great integrity and deep loving hearts. Remember the poem “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten?” Jessie knows those things…and so much more because you’re always beside her, holding hands, sticking together, enfolding Jud in a circle that will always be unbroken.

  3. Angie Green Says:

    I know only too well the mix of emotions that we experience in these special life moments that we share with those we love here on this earth, but can’t share with our beloved children no longer here with us. Your constant expressions of love for both of your precious children shines a light in the dark places of any parent’s grieving heart. Your honesty and transparency speaks for many “moms like us!” Sending love for continued strength and renewed JOY today and everyday. Hugs, Angie

  4. Linda Thomas Says:

    Beautifully said…and heart wrenchingly felt. Thank you for sharing. May He give you great courage and comfort as you move ahead.

    A Mom like you…

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