May 28, 2012

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A little over a week ago, Jessie came racing down the stairs with enthusiasm and tears, not knowing whether to be excited or concerned. “My tooth is loose!” she declared with sobs and a hesitant smile, “I was using my teeth to pull a tag off my toy dog and it got loose.” A little worried she had done something wrong to her tooth, my precious girl was trying to read my response.

“Oh my goodness, that is so exciting!” I exclaimed.

Her countenance shifted from hesitant joy to pure exuberance, fully aware it meant she would soon be joining the ranks of gapped-smile kids.

Tonight, nine days later, she lost her first tooth! Almost like a rite of passage, we rejoice over this symbol of increasing maturity.

As I held her tiny little tooth in my hand, examining its every facet, I marveled that it was about five years ago we were rejoicing over the arrival of this same little tooth—the first to break through her soft, gummy smile—signifying growth and development.

I also vividly remember when Judson’s first tooth peeked into his smile. Yet, I never had the privilege of holding his small baby tooth in my hand.

My little girl is growing up. I relish every moment, so aware of the tremendous gift I am being given as God continues to allow me to parent her through each milestone.

Now if I can just fulfill my Tooth Fairy responsibilities correctly, we’ll be in good shape!


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2 Comments on “Milestones”

  1. dreamstreetrose Says:

    Jessie girl is growing up! Congrats! Good job, Mom!

  2. Michal Ann Says:

    Oh, my she’s maturing so quickly! “Dentamina” and “Flossy” were two of our kids’ tooth fairies. They gave all kinds of good advice about tooth care and growing up. Now there are cute fonts to use…and glitter…and gold $1 coins and…

    Big girl, Jessie!

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