Need to Be Kept

May 23, 2012


Our hearts can so easily stray—wander from the Truth, drift from the Grace, roam from the Love that has rescued us. On one level it’s hard to imagine. How could we not be fully anchored when we have tasted of God’s goodness in our lives? Yet, on another level, we are broken, vulnerable people living in the middle of intense wind and waves that relentlessly pound at our faith. These currents are not haphazard or random, they’re encircling us at our weakest points, seeking to erode our bindings.

There are a few circumstances in my life that have recently reminded me how susceptible each of us are to the wind and waves whirling around us. I don’t want to be arrogant enough to believe that I’m not vulnerable to their power, where the rust of a sinful heart goes unchecked, slowly deteriorating into deep moral decay. I want to be vigilant in my efforts to protect my heart from corrosion, to safeguard against the elements that can eat away at my faith.

In the hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Robert Robertson wrote, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love; here’s my heart now, take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above.” He composed this poignant, weighty song and yet, even still did his heart wander, drifting into a lifestyle of flagrant, destructive indulgence.

It requires more than an act of will, it necessitates strength beyond ourselves, a continual asking and seeking God to protect and hold us, to keep us—keep us from decay.

I want to be kept. I need God to keep me. Throughout Scripture, passages speak of God’s keeping—keeping us from stumbling, keeping us from harm, keeping us from breaking our vows. I so desperately need to be kept…hour by hour…day by day…week by week…

Father, please keep me!


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10 Comments on “Need to Be Kept”

  1. Michal Ann Says:

    “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”—KEEP ME! I’m with you, Christina, and I hear your longing heart. Yes, KEEP me, too! Keep US, bind us together, Lord, bind us together with love. By this shall they know that we are your disciples that we love one another.

    Please Jesus, increase the bonds of love with each other and with you. Please.

    • CLevasheff Says:

      Thank you for the reminder, Michal, that part of being KEPT includes being bound with and by LOVE. I am always grateful for your perspective!

  2. Dorci Says:

    Amen, Christina. For many years the Lord put on my heart to pray that He would keep me from wandering from Him, that He would hold onto me. He knew that the year would come that would begin a trial of my faith so severe that though I never thought it possible, I found it difficult to grasp that faith. But I’m still here, albeit sometimes it seems by a thread, but His mercy and love hold me still.

    • CLevasheff Says:

      I really believe the same is true in my own life, Dorci! Thank you for sharing your own difficulties. Some recent circumstances in the lives of those I love have reminded me just how much it needs to be my constant and continual prayer.

  3. Linda Says:

    Oh, how I needed to hear this! Thank you, Lord, for using Christina to reach so many people!!

  4. dreamstreetrose Says:

    That is a faith that takes ‘maintaining’…daily, hourly! You can’t just ‘look for it and grab it’ when you need it. I pray that I would be as strong as you ladies. You are an amazing testimony to a true, trusting faith in God. thank you so much.

    • CLevasheff Says:

      Your word “maintaining” is a perfect reflection of the ongoing nature of this kind of prayer. Thank you, Linda, for your support and encouragement!


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