Forty for the 40th

December 22, 2011

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Baby Drake

Today my hubby turns 40.  I often marvel that I get to be married to such a great guy, because Drake is…

A Godly Man
A Faithful Disciple
A Loving Husband
A Caring Father
A Thoughtful Brother
A Supportive Son
A Creative Thinker
A Respected Mentor
An Honorable Role Model
An Empathetic Counselor
An Inspirational Hero
A Pure-Hearted Leader
A  Balanced Peacemaker
A Gracious Encourager
A Stable Pillar
A Hard-Worker
A Brilliant Scholar
A Gentle Admonisher
A Wise Soul
A Consummate Analyzer
A Gifted Strategist
A Handsome Gentleman
A Funny & Fun Guy
A Perceptive Truth-Teller
A Moldable Seeker
A Worthy Competitor
A Loyal Friend
A Tender Lover
A Selfless Giver
A Humble Servant
A Steadfast Sojourner
A Compassionate Spirit
A Patient Sufferer
A Passionate Crusader
A Sensitive Companion
A Cute Dork
A Charming Cheeseball
An Endearing Nerd
A Genuine Teacher
An AMAZING Person…

Happy 40th Birthday, Drake!!

I love you!!


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2 Comments on “Forty for the 40th”

  1. madelseck Says:

    Aahhhh, Drakey, you haven’t changed that much in 40 years…well, maybe a little. And I have to say, the 40 descriptive terms are right on the mark. You’re a gem…not perfect…but a gem! and that’s coming from your Ma-in-law! Love ya!

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