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November 28, 2011

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This picture is part of an advertisement we have received in the mail multiple times in the last several weeks.  It leaves a pit in my stomach each time I catch a glance.

Although the ad may be intended as comical hyperbole, I find it to be a terrible marketing piece that represents and perpetuates a horrific commentary of our culture.

We love stuff.  We value stuff.  We long for stuff.  Especially technology.

Our values as a society are skewed; the stuff in our lives, the things, are getting a huge amount of our attention and even our affection.

People are made to be loved and things are made to be used.  The confusion in this world is that people are used and things are loved.”  (Author Unknown)

I am an avid user of technology.  I am grateful for technology and the various ways it has positively impacted my life.  But I am also often guilty of allowing technology to unnecessarily consume my time and attention, in turn keeping me from actively engaging the people around me.  Is this the slippery slope to distorting my affections wherein the picture for this ad becomes more representative of me than I want it to be?

May I be a lover of people and a user of things and may the two never get confused in my heart and actions!


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6 Comments on “Values Askew”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Very well said. Reminds me of a news story I heard that happened on whats known as “Black Friday”. A man was shot outside of a Walmart in California (cant remember where) because he refused to give a robber the items he had just purchased inside. He was with his family. One would have thought that he would value his family over the items. It’s just stuff, it can be replaced, his life can’t. I see it more and more how people are tending to value “stuff” over their own lives or the lives of others. Your blog hits right to the core of whats been happening recently and I think more should have values like yours and mine. Its why I try SO hard to teach my children to value family and themselves over things and try to encourage them to help me pick out a toy to donate to Toys for Tots or other Christmas charities like them. My class @ church is sponsoring two needy single parent families this christmas which we also intend to be a part of. I find it very rewarding to help someone whos needier than we are. Anyway, wanted to tell you how much I loved reading your blog entry today. God bless you & your family!

    • CLevasheff Says:

      Wow, Lisa! I had not heard that Walmart story. Thanks for engaging my thoughts and sharing your perspective. I love what you are doing to develop the values of your kids!!

  2. Andi Says:

    Well said! Ick that ad makes me crazy!

    I just love reading your blog, Christina! Keep it up. 🙂

  3. M. Bowen Says:

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