Angel Kisses

November 1, 2011

Judson, Sorrow

Photo by Jenny McMasters Photography

Dear Judson,

I have been staring at this picture of the two of us for many days now after having newly discovered it during a time of deep grief.  I gaze upon our closeness and then close my eyes trying to remember what it felt like to be so near to you.

In looking at your face in this photo, I recall when you were born how you had deep red birthmarks on both your eyelids.  A little concerned, I asked the doctor what they were, and more importantly whether they would go away.  He told me they were called “angel kisses” and over time they would fade.  I was relieved they were only temporary.

Today I was thinking about your “angel kisses.”  I started to imagine the possibility that angels just might have been intensely kissin’ and lovin’ on you before you came into this world, that maybe they had insight into all that you would face in your short time on earth and held you a little more tightly as you were formed in my womb.  This image brings tears to my eyes.

Now I imagine they have been continually showering you with love since you arrived home.  You are probably covered in “angel kisses” as they regularly let you know just how proud they are of the way you lived your short little life.

But as I look at this picture, I realize I am the one who has been kissed by an angel.  You may not be a literal angel, but you embodied this life as one of God’s messengers.  And I had the sweet and amazing gift of having my life, soul, and even my face, kissed by you.

I expect when I cross into eternity and find myself holding you and tenderly touching your face again, you’ll be covered in “angel kisses”—a beautiful reminder of how you’ve been sweetly held until my arrival home with you.

With undying love,

Judson’s Angel Kisses


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2 Comments on “Angel Kisses”

  1. Michal Ann Says:

    Oh, he’s just a doll. Precious photos of the sweetest boy and lovely mommy.

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