An Unexpected Masterpiece

October 24, 2011

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We have another author in our home.

A few days ago Jessie approached me with a stack of about six pieces of paper and asked me if I would staple them together so she could write a book.  Happy to oblige, I fastened the pages with anticipation of the masterpiece to come.

Less than an hour later, Jessie came bounding back to me with her first official book entitled, “The Mixt Up Alfubet” (The Mixed Up Alphabet) filled with beautiful illustrations of letters that were alive and words to narrate.

“Jessie, this is amazing!  What a fabulous book you have written!” I exclaimed as my chest filled with pride for my little lady.

“I got the idea from school.”

“I love it, Jess!  And now you are an author just like your mommy.  Very cool!”

“Well, mom, I think my book is a little bit better than your book,” declared my competitive little one.

“You think so, huh?  Well it is awfully good, I must say,” I responded as I considered all the ways my heart is wrapped up in Judson’s book.

Especially pleased with herself, Jessie wrote several more books in the last week: “The Parinsis” (The Princess), “Cars Too” (Cars 2) and “Fansy Nansy Poisin Ivy” (Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy), that sweetly represent her love for each of these stories.  But the one that caught both Drake and me off guard was called, “Hlden Hans with God” (Holding Hands with God) which relates to a story we later discovered Jess had read with her grandma.

Touched by the title, I opened it up and discovered heartbreaking truth as expressed by my five-year-old daughter, “My life is changjd.  I hav lost my barethr” (My life is changed. I have lost my brother).  These words were accompanied by a picture of Jud, Jess, and Jesus holding hands together.

I think that says it all!  Her book beautifully describes the sadness in our hearts and the hope to which we cling.

Jessie is quite an author, indeed.


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10 Comments on “An Unexpected Masterpiece”

  1. Robyn Morton Says:

    How precious! I am glad to see that Jessie is following in her mama’s footsteps and expect to be seeing more books she has written. Isn’t it marvelous that in just a few words and a picture, Jessie can so eloquently sum up what has happened in her life! I know Jud is so proud of you guys and Jessie for keeping his memory alive and keeping him involved in your lives. Blessings!

  2. Traci Says:

    Wow! That is sweet and so profound from one so young. Let us all walk holding hands with Jesus, whatever our circumstances. Love you, Christina!!!

  3. Kathleen Scott Says:

    He, meaning Judson, came to change the world, and it’s obvious he did just that. For a little one such as Jessie to be so aware of her heart is remarkable. I was looking at your last family photo together before Jud went to Jesus. I carefully looked at all your faces and saw the pain in your face, the helplessness in Drakes and the eyes of hope in Jessie’s. She still radiates that hope and now she radiates God’s love. Thank you for answering His calling Christina. Your pain will bring us all to a higher level of awareness and new plateau in our relationship with God. Much Love!

    • CLevasheff Says:

      Oh Kath, as always, your words are a blessing. Thanks for the encouragement as we all keep pressing on.

  4. Michal Ann Says:

    Absolutely precious. You have beautiful and precotious children, wise beyond belief. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

    • CLevasheff Says:

      Blessed by the way you speak of BOTH our kiddos, Michal. I am so grateful for your support!!

  5. Brittany Correa Says:

    I find great catharsis in writing about my experiences, though I did not see the value of it until my teen years. What a gift it is that Jessie is seeing the value of expressing herself in this way at such a young age. I hope that it helps her.

    • CLevasheff Says:

      Writing is obviously my catharsis too, Brittany, and like you said, I hope it proves to be a gift for Jessie too.

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