Lessons from a Lost Wallet — #1

February 21, 2011

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Last Thursday, Jessie and I had the chance to visit our new home to take measurements and pictures in preparation for our move this Saturday.  Afterward, we decided to stop at the nearby park for Jessie to play.  Meanwhile, I was sitting under an adjacent tree talking on the phone.  Unbeknownst to me, while I was in deep conversation, my wallet fell out of my purse.  So when we stopped at a local coffee shop to have lunch, I was perplexed when I reached for my wallet to buy a drink and it was not there.

I drove home without too much concern expecting to find it sitting on our ottoman; I had just filled my wallet that morning with all our cash for this pay period, so I assumed I had simply forgotten to return it to my purse.

When we arrived home and it wasn’t where I expected to be, I became frantic — overturning every nearby cushion, pillow, and toy in hopes it had just been unwittingly moved.  Within minutes I had turned our car and home upside-down in my search.  Nothing!

I called Drake in a frenzy and he came home from work to help me search.  We retraced all my steps that morning and drove back to the areas Jessie and I had been.  After a couple hours of hunting…still no sign of my wallet!

Drake went back to work and I continued hysterically going over every inch of our home a second, third, and fourth time; then I took the time to call our financial institutions to put a hold on all our accounts.

To describe myself as distraught would probably not do justice to the panic I felt as I imagined us facing the next two weeks without that money, along with feelings of shame for being the one who had lost it.  I was numb, and my conversation with God was silenced by my troubles.

I sat with the reality of a lost wallet for almost 24 hours.  Then my phone rang the next day, “Is this Christina?”  My heart raced with hope.

“Yes, this is Christina?”

“Hi.  My name is Blair.*  I have your wallet.  I found it at the park yesterday and have been trying to reach you ever since.”  I fell on the floor in relief as I listened to her words, blown away that my wallet had been found…by someone with integrity!  She continued, “I actually just spoke with your mom.  It turns out that her address was on an envelope in your wallet and that is how I finally tracked you down.”

I was stunned.


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